Telescopes are in some ways like time machines. They reveal galaxies so far away that their light has taken billions of years to reach us. We in astronomy have an advantage in studying the universe, in that we can actually see the past.
/ Sir Martin Rees /

In memoriam Halton C. Arp (1927-2013).

My astronomy sketches. Hover mouse over image for the inverted look. For fainter objects, take a look at the black-on-white original, sometimes it reveals more details.

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NGC 5963 + NGC 5965 (Galaxy)
Right ascension: 15h 34m Declination: 56 35'
Constellation: Draco
Date/time: 2010.06.06 22:00 UT
Equipment: 12" f/5 Newtonian
FoV: 33' Magnification and filter(s): 100x
Seeing: 4/10 Transparency: 4/5
Location: Ndasdladny, Hungary
Observer: Ferenc Lovr

From the two galaxies the NGC 5963 is the brighter and displays a faint star-like core. The NGC 5965 is rather homogeneous with constant surface brightness, yet its Southern side seem to be a little bit brighter than the rest. Later on I've checked some photographs and now it seems that I've seen only the very central features of the NGC 5963.

Hi-resolution image: [ reversed sketch | original sketch ]
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